Welcome to my diverse Gynaecology clinic. Here, we strive to see everyone, from children and adolescents to adults and older people; whether you’re childfree or have a big family; and regardless of gender. Dr Costescu has one of the broadest ranges of clinical practices in Canada, and we are so glad you can be a part of it.

This is the landing page for the 2F gynaecology clinic at McMaster, which almost always takes place on Friday afternoons.

Depending on the nature of your consult, you may also be seen in another clinic or site. If you aren’t sure where you are booked, please call the office at 905-521-2100 ext 76248.

Sometimes, your appointment may move to the afternoon or another day if there are limited ultrasound spots are needed. Some urgent consults will take place on Labour and Delivery as well.

Registration & Consultation Visit

At McMaster, you can come directly to the 2F clinic to register for your appointment. The 2F clinic is located on the second floor in the Red section. Please bring your Health Card to each appointment and a list of medications for your first visit.

Because of the wide range of problems we see, it is hard to book appointments just right, and you may have a delay. We suggest you only come 10 minutes early for your appointment. If you are going to be more than 30 minutes late, please call us to reschedule.

Your first visit will be a consultation, whether you have been referred by a family physician, a midwife, or another provider.

At this visit, we will review your medical history and try to see what we can do to help. The initial intake may be performed by myself, the nurse, or a learner (resident or student). We will also meet to review any questions you have from the outset. An examination will take place if we both agree it’s needed, and you are ready for one. If it takes a second visit, that’s okay, too!

How to get to the 2F clinic

Examinations Follow Up

After you register, and before you take a seat in the waiting room, we recommend that you use the washroom. If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to write down questions you have, as not to forget them until the minute you leave the hospital!

Doctors’ offices are busy and unpredictable places. While we try to be on time, emergencies and unexpected events happen which can take longer than expected. I do not run clinics at the same time as call shifts, so delays are usually short-lived.

An ultrasound may be a part of your visit. To save you from repeat trips to the hospital and limit your time off work and away from family, we generally schedule ultrasounds at McMaster to take place the same day as your visits.

At the end of each visit, you will be given a ticket to take to reception to register your next appointment, and requisitions for any tests that may be needed. If you want to book your next few follow-up visits, that’s fine, too – just ask.

Examinations You Got This

Examinations are a normal part of medical care. I promise that you will only have an exam if we both agree it is necessary and when you are ready. We do not do exams solely for practice or training.

Here are some tips to help before your exam:

  1. Be Honest with Yourself and your Doctor: If you know exams are difficult, it helps to talk about it. Knowing how I can best help will make it a better experience. Sometimes it’s using a different speculum, or trying a different table position, or having a chaperone, or it’s coming back another day. Please do not ever feel it’s a waste of my time if you can’t be examined.
  2. We really have seen it all: Your body is your body, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Do not do anything to prepare “down below” for your exam. Most exams can take place during monthly bleeding as well.
  3. There is always someone who can help: It is your right to have a chaperone if you request one – please ask and a nurse will join us. Some patients prefer not having an audience, so it is also not mandatory to have an extra person in the room.
  4. You should learn something too: When performing an exam, it is normal for me to talk “to you and about you” so you know what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and to teach YOU (and a student if present) about your body. If I say anything that you need to understand or are uncomfortable with, please ask.
  5. Communicate: It is important that you feel comfortable expressing yourself and providing consent for every part of an exam. If you need to express pain by saying “ow” or use a colourful word, go for it. If you need to stop, say “stop”. If you have a trauma history, letting me know allows me to watch for signs you may be triggered. If I’m worried about you, I also may stop. No exam is worth punishing a patient for.


It is up to you whether or not having a support person will help you with your appointment. Please note that the clinic rooms are a bit small, and generally only one support person can be comfortably accommodated in the examination rooms. Additional supports may be asked to stay in the waiting room.

The gynaecology clinic is an inclusive space. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for aggressive behaviour towards staff or patients. The clinic has two gender-neutral washrooms. Translation services may be available when requested. You are welcome to bring an Aboriginal Patient Navigator.

You are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the hospital. However, if you would like some privacy to do so, please ask any staff member and we will gladly offer a clinic room for quiet nursing.


If you have an urgent patient question from Monday to Friday, please call the office at 905-521-2100 x76248 and we will do our best to get back to you.

If you have an emergent or postoperative concern, please call the hospital switchboard to be connected with the On-Call Gynaecologist.

(905) 521-2100

If you think it’s an emergency, you can always go to your closest emergency department. McMaster University Medical Centre does not have an adult or gynaecology emergency department.

Clinic Information

Sexual Medicine Unit

Juravinski Hospital
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M Wing, 4th Floor

McMaster Clinic

McMaster University Medical Centre
1200 Main St West
2F Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic

Colposcopy Clinic

Juravinski Hospital
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Dr. Costescu’s clinics are located in Hamilton Ontario Canada, on Unceded Ancestral Lands of the Haudenosonee and Annishnabeg First Nations.